Investing in Gold

Investing in Gold

gold bullion ira investmentsGold. Arguably the most precious of metals. Sought after and coveted for centuries, from the richest to the poorest, everyone has wanted it. Now it is extremely available given a little bit of financial investment. Like with any other commodity, gold can be a very lucrative investment option that can give real returns on your capital (See IraGoldInvestments for further information about gold IRA investments). With the world of trading being so readily accessible on the internet, gold has never been easier to purchase. So, if like many others you have thought about investing in gold, then read on to find out the whys and hows of this potentially profitable process.

Why choose a Gold Investment?

While it has had some slumps in its price range over the recent years, overall the price for gold has gone up considerably. Although you should research your options properly, it’s definitely a more profitable option for the long term traders instead of the get rich quick schemers. It is always going to be a valuable material that people want to purchase so your money is more often than not safer being invested in gold. With stock market prices crashing considerable with the recent financial crisis’s, it is always good to hedge your bets against a fickle currency with something physical and real.

Top 10 Banks in the UK

All about Uk Banks

Banking in the UKBanks are an essential part of any economy; they help millions of people everyday make transaction and save money. Banks do everything from save money to hand out loans both to the everyday person, to the corporate businesses. Each bank in this article is rated due to their assets; a bank’s assets are shown according to how many transactions they do in a day’s time. Once you have read this article you will be able to determine what bank you would like to talk to about opening an account.

Co-operative Bank

This is one of the oldest banks in the UK, it was established in 1872 and they offer both retail and commercial banking. If you’re looking for a personal banking account, this bank has almost any account that you can think of; they offer personal accounts, mortgages, loans, savings accounts and many others. They did have some financial trouble bank in 2013, but they managed to fix it and bring themselves back on the map. Based on their total assets they are ranked number 10 in the UK.


HBOS is a fairly new bank, they were founded in 2001. They are focused on personal banking. So if you’re looking for an account that is of personal nature then give this one a look. This bank is ranked number nine in the UK.


Nationwide is a financial institute that is located in Wiltshire and was founding in 1846. This bank is widely known for their home mortgage loans. They have over 700 branches in the UK, so you will have no problems doing your banking business no matter where in the UK you are. This bank is ranked number eight in the UK.

National Westminster

You might have heard of this bank by another name. They are also known as NatWest. They were found in 1968 and have over 1,600 branches throughout the UK. They offer all the major bank accounts for both commercial and retail clients. They are ranked number seven throughout the UK.

Standard Chartered

This bank has their headquarters in London and they were founded in 1969. They have over 1,700 branches throughout the UK and offer mainly personal accounts but they do offer some accounts to retail customers. You can also apply for credit cards through this bank and have fairly low interest rates. This bank is rated number six in the UK.

Bank of Scotland

This bank is one of the oldest banks in the UK they have been around since 1695. They are headquartered in Edinburgh. So unless you live in the Scotland area then you might want to consider a different bank. These guys are rated number five in the UK.

Lloyds Bank

Lloyds bank was founded in 1995 and they can be found in London. They do both commercial and retail banking and have everything that you could possibly want from a bank. They have expanded in recent years and took over many smaller banks in the area. This bank is rated number four in the UK.

Royal Bank of Scotland

Again this bank has been around for over 200 years, they were found in 1727. They have over 700 branches located throughout the UK and offer great services with some of the lowest interest rates around. This bank is rated number three in the UK.


This bank was founded in 1960 and their main headquarters is located in London. They have banks in over 50 countries and offer a wide range of services. They offer loans and credit cards (and credit cards for bad credit) as well as personal and business banking. This bank is rated number two in the UK.

HSBC Holdings

They were founded in 1865 and offer a plethora of services throughout the UK. They offer both commercial and retail banking. The reason that this bank is rated number one in the UK is because they do the highest amount of transactions in any given day.

Employers Liability Insurance

What you need to know about employer’s liability insurance in the United Kingdom

Every employer has the responsibility to ensure that those working for them do so in a safe environment and that their health is not at risk. It is also the duty of the employer to assess the hazards the employees are exposed to, put up measures to enhance safety at the job and ensure all incidences are effectively dealt with.

In the United Kingdom, the employer’s liability (compulsory insurance) Act 1969 puts it is clear that the law is meant to ensure that employers insure their employers when claims arise from an accident or medical condition they may develop as a result of working for them.

This also includes claims made against the company by previous employees who have developed medical conditions because of working at the company. These claims usually involve the employees or previous employees seeking compensation or medical fees and the employer should have at least a cover for these. This is reinforced by the act as not having an up to date insurance policy will have you on the wrong side of the law.

However, those operating businesses that are mostly owned by the employees, those that are family businesses, those that deal with provision of health services and the public entities are some of the industries not liable to having the compulsory license. Conditions when getting the employers liability insurance in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, it is in addition against the law to acquire the license from an insurance company that is not certified. The employers therefore need to take precaution on ensuring that the insurance company is registered and authorized. Insurance covers will vary making it possible for employers to choose flexible covers that actually fit their line of work.

When looking for an ideal insurance cover, ensure to read the fine print. In many cases, the conditions may not be favorable to you and might seem that the insurance company is being unscrupulous or dishonest. The insurer may also be too unreasonable about the conditions when they will refuse to pay for a claim for instance failure of reporting some incidences. Ensure to come to an understanding regarding when the insurer will provide compensation before signing the policy.

Once you get the certificate, have a copy of it in a place where the employees can read it with ease or have it on the company website. Also, keep the past insurance certificates in case a claim is made by past employees. Getting legal advice will help you to get more details on employer’s liability insurance including the particular employees that actually need to be covered and what happens upon failure to have coverage. For an interpretation of the compulsory license act, one will need the court of law.

The importance on the employer’s insurance cover for business’ finances

Other than adhering to it because it is compulsory in the U.K, employers need it to enable them meet the charges that come with the legal claims. Many companies around the world have gone under upon settling claims made by employees on injuries related to the work they are doing which drain them financially. This cover has the employees feeling secure and enables businesses to continue with their activities without having to worry about directing a lot of their finances to settling claims. Other than paying for the claims, the employer’s liability insurance cover becomes financially convenient when it comes to paying legal fees and generally covering the legal process.

Fire safety at work

Fire safety precautions at work

Fire assessments and dry riser testing ( see ) have to be performed on a regular basis and are there to identify not just locations where fires may be more likely to start, or materials/areas which might help a fire to build strength, but also any things that personnel may encounter during an evacuation a result of a fire.

It is crucial to ensure fire safety products and installations are in place to take care of any fire risks which may be found in your premises. By just having such products in place and ensuring that fire safety training is carried out, you can help guarantee the safety of your staff.

Dry Risers are generally found in bigger multi-storey properties. Having said that, dry riser systems are often overlooked, with many people not even knowing that they’re there, not to mention their particular benefits. A dry riser system is a collection of pipes and valves that supply water to every level of the building in order to aid in the fire-fighting procedure. Such systems save running out fire hose into the building and up multiple stairways, because the fire brigade can just pump water directly into the system from the ground floor and link up their fire hoses onto the appropriate valve within the property.

These kinds of systems are the ideal strategy for fire security in larger, multi-level buildings in which attaining a water source can prove tough. However, there is 1 problem that could possibly arise with dry rising fire mains and that’s that after they are installed they are often neglected or possibly even a recipient of vandalism. For this reason, the condition of such systems needs to form part of the building’s on-going service program.

Generally dry riser systems would only be present in larger sized properties, and in smaller buildings you’d normally be more dependent on portable fire fighting products such as fire extinguishers.

Even though it isn’t their direct responsibility, useful information on workplace fire and safety can still be obtained from the fire brigade, who tend to be only too happy to stop by your property and assist. There are also a variety of books available that guide both small business owners, and people looking to increase their personal awareness of fire and safety.

Bank accounts for ex bankrupts

Bank accounts for Ex Bankrupts in the United Kingdom

Bankruptcy affects the rating for a period of six years since the day you were accused of bankruptcy. Discharged bankrupt is often a term that is referred to a person who has been able to finished bankruptcy successfully. In many countries, bankruptcy cases may last for one year, in some cases where the accused has high amount of debts, he may be expected to pay them for a period of three years. The first step a discharged bankrupt will opt for is to open bank accounts for ex bankrupts probably to a saving account or a current account.


It may seem easier to say such a practice but it might be hard to put it into action. Credit reference bureaus and agencies are established in many countries to establish the credit worthiness of borrowers. They follow the record of various borrowers to establish where they are eligible to carry out borrowing in financial institution. End of bankruptcy means that one ought to formulate new activities to enable him earn a living as before. In most cases you might find it hard to apply for any bank account because your request is turn down due to bad ratings.

There two options in which bankrupts can choose from.

Basic banks for discharged bankruptcy

Basic banks are bank accounts for ex bankrupts that provide alternative to banks for those people with bankruptcy issues ( see ). They are basic accounts that do not require checking of credit worthiness. All persons over the age of eighteen years can open such account.

All bankrupt residents in UK should never worry about how to start their new life after accused of bankruptcy. Basic banks for discharged bankrupt are the best alternatives for such problems. Basic bank accounts for ex bankrupts can be a perfect substitution to your problems. Basic bank accounts for discharged bankrupts do not require more details about the applicants.

Guaranteed banks for discharged bankruptcy

Guaranteed bank accounts are available business bank accounts for discharged bankrupts alternatives for people discharged of bankruptcy. It does not require you to provide any credit worthiness details, however any person over the age of 18 years are eligible to open a guarantee bank account. These banks are quite affordable to open them since few requirements are needed to open one. There are two main types of guaranteed banks that people discharged of bankruptcy can apply for.

The APS cash plus and card one banking options are easily available. There are more benefits that discharged bankrupt can acquire from business bank accounts for discharged bankrupts. They do not require credit checks therefore they require no credit worthiness records from credit rating agencies. As a bankrupt, you are guaranteed full acceptance to open a bank account with them.

Just like any other banks, guaranteed banks allow discharged bankrupt to access their bank accounts online. They are allowed to view their statements, buy credit from their bank accounts, and carry out transfer of money to other bank accounts and to make payments to goods and services. With this bank account you are sure to have free protection regarding your daily purchases. Discharged bankrupt are given MasterCard and credit builder options just like any other bank accounts.

Taking time out to see Luke Bryan

A great night out at a Luke Bryan Concert

I must admit that I was skeptical about going to the Luke Bryan tour with my friends, after all don’t all the women go crazy for him, wouldn’t we be outnumbered and appear conspicuous? I had heard a few of his songs, such as ‘All my Friends Say’ or ‘Drunk On You’ and enjoyed listening to them on the radio but I didn’t realise how infectious they would be when performed live or how much of a good show Bryan would put on.

My concerns about being outnumbered in the crowd turned out to be accurate, the ratio was around 4:1 in the favour of women. Once the music started, however, all my fears melted away and I was just able to enjoy myself. Indeed, two of Bryan’s number one albums, I have since discovered, have the word ‘party’ in the title and the atmosphere at this concert certainly felt like one big bash. My particular favourite ‘party’ moment was during some of his rowdier songs, that incredibly all seemed to be about Spring Break, when Bryan sprayed the crowd with Miller Lite, even pausing to pour a drink for an audience member.

There were quieter moments in the show, however, which felt extremely poignant and special. For instance, the song ‘ Drink a Beer’, a song about people no longer here, people with whom we would love to share a beer was performed acoustically throughout, with Bryan sat on a makeshift pier. He was able to hold his own exquisitely whilst performing without his band and did this emotional song full justice. The man can certainly play too, wowing the audience with his rendition of ‘Shut it Down’ on the piano.

Despite my trepidation, I found that I really enjoyed the concert, as did my friends. Bryan performed very well and actually, I discovered that his music is particularly catchy. Indeed, I was still singing some of them days after the concert. I will certainly be purchasing Bryan’s back catalogue and will look forward to going to see him perform again.